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Tips for Your First Pull-Up


Tips for Your First Pull-Up

Let’s face it, pull-ups are daunting. If you’re new to the gym, or have been going awhile, you’ve probably seen people incorporating pull-ups into their workout. Eventually, you’d like these advanced exercises to be a part of your routine too. But how do you get there? We’re going to walk through a few tips before attempting your first pull-up.

1. Exercise Your Back

If you’ve tried and failed a pull-up, you might be blaming it on your arm strength. Though your biceps are a vital part to this exercise, your back is just as important! This is why most people find chin-ups easier than pull-ups. Chin-ups use bicep and shoulder muscles, which we typically train more often. Try lat-pull downs, high planks, and bent-over rows to strengthen your back for pull-ups.

2. Create a Training Plan

You won’t be able to achieve a pull-up in one day. A routined training schedule for your back and arm muscles is necessary. The pull-up is one of the hardest body-weight exercises, so there are many training resources available. We’ve linked a great plan for beginners here. Beginner Pull-Up Training Plan. The goal is to be consistent. Keep practicing! You’ll probably fail for a bit, but after rigorous training, you’ll hit the target.

3. Watch Your Diet

It might be obvious, but the heavier you weigh, the more you have to lift. This makes pull-ups increasingly harder for larger people. Everyones body is different, so we don’t suggest a one-size-fits-all diet. The most important thing to focus on is – stronger muscles, less fat. That goes for most every person, no matter the size. Prioritizing your body weight can make a big difference in the exercises you’re able to execute.

You’ve got this! We have faith that you will grow stronger and healthier in no time. We hope this guide was helpful to get you there. If you’re looking for deeper learning and faster growth, ask about our personal fitness trainer’s. Now go try a pull-up today!