Training at the Best Gym in Brooksville

At Focus Fit Brooksville, we believe in helping every member become the best they can be. We’re more than just a gym, we’re a health and wellness resource that provides learning as well as exercise. Our certified trainers are on hand to make sure you work out safely and effectively, and we’ll coach, support, and encourage you along the way.

Is weight loss your goal? We also have certified nutritionists on staff to help you learn, and embrace, healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.

In addition to personal training, our Brooksville gym also provides small group training sessions that range from 4 to 6 members. You’ll still have the support and camaraderie of a group, just a smaller class size for more one-on-one attention from your trainer.

From personal to the small group training, Focus Fit tailors every session to our members’ fitness levels and needs.


A woman with a serious face doing functional training

Functional Training

Functional training at our Brooksville gym is offered individually or in small groups with 2-3 members. This full body workout strengthens your core for maximum performance of everyday activities like lifting and pulling.
A woman talking with a trainer

Personal Training

Focused attention from a personal trainer means one-on-one coaching and accountability. Personal training benefits gym newcomers as well as athletes who need to push through a plateau. Count on us for next level fitness!
A woman and a man doing functional training together in a gym

Small Group Training

Small group training offers the advantage of limited class size and more focused attention from a certified trainer. You'll still enjoy the energy of others as you exercise, but in a environment that is more personal.
A trainer holding a clipboard in a gym and smiling

Weight Loss Solutions

At Focus Fit in Brooksville, we'll get you on a game plan for healthy weight loss! Our team will help you change your lifestyle to include better nutrition and more exercise, and you'll receive a monthly Fit3D evaluation too.

Free fitness assessment

Are you ready to commit to your fitness? Stop by Focus Fit in Brooksville for a free assessment with one of our personal trainers. We'll get you started on the right track and guide you along the way. Call today!

Member satisfaction

Our members matter, and that's why we give 100% to every member and guest, every day. With professionalism and respect, we'll provide an experience that maximizes your workout.

Best trainers

The certified trainers at our Brooksville gym are qualified fitness experts, and each is dedicated to helping members achieve their fitness goals. We takes your fitness seriously, and it shows!

Corporate wellness

Focus Fit offers customized programs to help businesses in our community stay fit. We'll tailor sessions geared toward the specific health and wellness needs of your employees.