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5 Mistakes You’re Making at the Gym


5 Mistakes You’re Making at the Gym

Let’s start off by saying we love our members. And when you love something, you help it become better. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s list the things you’re doing wrong.

But really, everyone begins as a beginner (hence the word), so to help those beginning get a little head start, we want to go over some mistakes you might be making at the gym. For our more advanced members, here’s a little refresher.

1. Going too hard too fast

It takes time to adjust to a new routine. Pushing yourself is great, but overdoing it is going to lead you to exhaustion and burnout. Or worse, going too hard too fast can lead to serious injury. Take some time and work your way up.

2. Not watching your form

Proper form is probably the most important thing to be focused on when exercising. If you are not practicing proper form, it can lead to painful injuries, sprains, factures, and chronic problems. Take the time to watch a video or talk to a personal trainer about the proper form for an exercise.

3. Passing on stretching

If you had asked me two months ago if is stretched, I would say never. But that was a huge mistake. Not stretching can lead to injury, stiffness, soreness, and strain on muscles and joints. Take at least 5 minutes after your workout to cooldown and stretch the muscle groups you used. Stretching will increase your flexibility and recovery time.

4. Not tracking your progress

Every time you work out and stick to your meal plan, you are making progress towards your goal. It’s hard to tell though. Change happens slowly, so it’s important to track your progress. You might not see physical changes yet, but you will notice you can lift more this week than you could last week. Or maybe you gained/lost a couple of inches. These things might not be physically noticeable until later, so keep your motivation going by the small wins in tracking.

5. Worrying what other people think

You might feel self-conscious at the gym or like everyone is looking at you, but trust me, no one’s looking at you. They are all focused on their own workout. And even if someone was looking at you, you are in there working towards your goals and investing in yourself, so be proud! What you’re doing is not easy. Keep at it!